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DEEP FIX 90 minutes of power coaching. Individual consultation online, by phone or in person. Stress resolution. Clear action steps. 1 week email consultation


€525.00 Regular Price
€390.00Sale Price
  • The 60-minute DEEP FIX power coaching - online, by phone  or in person. Stress reduction in order to be able to deal powerfully with upcoming tasks. Healing on an energetic and mental level. Solving mental/energetic blockades and creating a practicable action plan for the upcoming tasks. For the entire week after the session, you can reach me via email to support you with the implementation.

    The Deep Fix PowerCoaching helps you to deal with your challenges in life with courage and strength. Healing on energetic and mental levels. Releasing mental and energetic blockages and creating a clear and practicable action plan. After the session I will support you via email for a week. 

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