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The online courses give you the opportunity to work with me easily from home.

In the trusting atmosphere of a small group, you will train how to stay in tune with yourself in everyday life,

to shape changes in the areas of life that are particularly close to your heart. 

The willingness to abandon old roles and take on new perspectives is shared by all participants in the group. 

Since change can happen fast, it is important to feel safe . The ongoing training and the joint group process offers you maximum support in bringing the new into your life.  


When you adapt new perspectives,  new and unknown tasks want to be fulfilled with enthusiasm and consistency.

Achieving goals is particularly successful when it is done with a loving group at your side, your cheer-leaders, who support you in living in harmony with your true purpose of life.

The online courses help you to strengthen your NEW SELF,  to listen to Your Souls desire and to live your true potential .



Those moments in life when everything is in flux 

when far and wide no major obstacles block your path and everything you imagine or want,

 comes into being. As if "someone" has spoken a magic word and everything is allowed to manifest.

Easily and effortlessly.

When you align your heart, mind and body with what your Soul desires,  

You experience the beauty of the universal law of resonance.

   The world becomes your mirror  

  Inner Balance creates Outer Balance



Start your journey of discovery into your "SACRED SPACE"  

In a small group of people who are willing to change, Gabrielle accompanies you into the magic and protection of the Invisible World that wants to communicate and collaborate with you. You will strengthen your very personal light-energy field (LEF) and you will learn how to connect with the Divine and get guidance from your Heavenly Team.  Everything that was denied is now allowed  to be expressed freely and without judgment. Gabrielle will help you to re-discover the treasures of your hidden self, and set free denied aspects that lay dormant within and want nothing more than to finally step into life and grow - with YOU - through YOU - free from judgment.

Look forward to fulfilled, joyful and heart opening days on your journey to your TRUE SELF.  

Alles ist Energie, und dazu ist nicht mehr zu sagen. Wenn du dich einschwingst in die Frequenz der Wirklichkeit that you are striving for, then you cannot prevent sich from manifesting. It cannot be otherwise. That's not philosophy.

This is physics.    


Albert Einstein


Everything has its own time.

For individualists, the impatient  and busy people


You know what you want. You know your goals. Perhaps you have already implemented a lot of it and are already working on larger tasks. Do you motivate others every day and want to achieve more faster? Or are you currently more concerned with obstacles that keep you stuck? Do you experience sleepless nights, fearful thoughts that besiege you and rob you of energy? Do you continue to give everything you can? But instead of getting closer to your goal, does it seem to move more and more into the land of inaccessibility?  Do you not know (anymore) what you really want. Or have you given up completely?  

If you find yourself in any or all of it - don´t hesitate to get in contact with me.

In the  PERSONAL COACHING  sessions we focus entirely on your needs.

Together we transform blockages or tendencies that are unconsciously affecting your life, business, career and relationships. 

With highly effective shamanic energy medicine clearings in combination with mental coachings you will develop and train new behavioral patterns in order to achieve amazing transformations in your life.

I'll support the tranformational processes on a soul, mental, emotional and energetic level.


Unresolved negative programming concerning love, money, prosperity or your own self-worth  drive havoc on your health, may lead to continuous self-doubt, fear, panic attacks and depression and burn-out syndroms.

The first step in realizing your deepest desires or your greatest goals is to understand and acknowledge  that your current situation  - positive as well as negative - whether in private life, in business or in your company, is the result of old thought structures  and subconscious belief systems.  

The latest findings in neuroscience show that the brain only changes programmed thought systems when your  conscious and  unconscious thoughts are in tune, when heart and mind are aligned. 

In my PERSONAL COACHING PROGRAM I will listen to the whispering of your Soul and what she has to say. I will teach you how to get in contact with your deepest Souls desire and how to act upon it, step by step.  If the time frame is coordinated, I will help you  to take an honest look at the present situation. From there we start to release, transform or dissolve your negative programming on a mind and soul level so that you can transform what needs to be transformed and truly change your perspective on life. 

Maybe faster than you  now you think.  

You can choose between a few one-on-one sessions or premium coaching  Packages.

Please check the Shop. If you need more information pls just send me an email to using the contact form and I am happy to suggest which options are best for you. 


Shamanic Soul Healer and Co-Creation Coach

My teachings are based on 4 pillars of spiritual and universal principles:







Just as each person is unique, so are each individual's transitions. 

Everyone is their own universe.

You are your own world. 

As a shaman, I dive into your universe and see the areas that you cannot recognize or consciously perceive. With the techniques of the Senecas I lift and free these unconscious energies. 


As a transformation coach, I will help you to deeply understand the trinity of body-soul-spirit

to experience "on your own body", so that you shape your life with a new SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS, upright and clear. Disabling behavioral patterns are repeatedly released and transformed on an energetic level


As a mental coach, I provide you with mental tools that provide maximum support for your respective change processes.


For you, love, trust, truth and humor will become the new parameters for a fulfilling life based on your true self.  


   This seminar with you is such a wonderful experience,

because the last few months actually only with the feeling

of depression and a certain paralysis have passed.  

To feel that there is still a lot of powerinside me

which is now slowly rising again is  immensely liberating and calming.  

  With every new day I learn something about myself. The hours today with you

and the others brought me a step further. 

Thanks again for that.

Michaela C., stewardess, Munich

Do you have any questions or special requests? Text me.
I'm looking forward to your message.

You want to change your life and you don't know HOW?

I'll help you on the way! 

My present for you: 


strategy session

20 Minutes free consultation Online 

We will focus on your current issues and we´ll find out if I am the right companion for you at this point in your life.  

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