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Your personal ONLINE - Training


Module 1

6 months training with a maximum of 5 participants.

This training offers you the spiritual framework and the time to focus on your most essential life questions. And with clarity and courage, we bring all those beautiful elements back into your life, like love, adventure, joy, balance, and healing.



My clients share the will and the readiness to dissolve old patterns and create new perspectives.

Your NEW SELF invites unique and diverse challenges. When we truly align with our souls desire, we can meet those new challenges with joy. Coming from this new place of awareness smaller and bigger goals will effortlessly manifest along the way.

In the SACRED SPACE of the Traditional Medicine Wheel of the SENECA Nation, you will learn how to walk the 12 CYCLES OF TRUTH in your life-time, to be able to manifest your TRUE MISSION with total awareness and resourcefulness.  

This training enables you to bring your fundamental life's questions into the LIGHT of awareness. By observing your entanglement with old belief structures that are detriment to your souls desire you learn how to release those with love and forgiveness and thereby gain new perspectives on your EARTH PATH.

These 6 modules are building upon each other. In each module, you will learn holistic ways, through aligning your body, soul, and mind to create improvement and/or change in the areas of your life you are passionate about. You will be able to manifest by keeping a clear and devoted focus on your goals.


We will focus on the following areas   

accept your reality and free yourself from falsehood and self-denial

Enhance your ability to connect with yourself and others

strengthening your vision, to move with positivity through life

Letting go of the struggle against inner and outer resistance


Your Mission

We will uncover the fears, that keep you from being your authentic self and following your life´s mission

Spirituality in day to day life

you don't need to retreat to a monastery to get closer to WHo YOU REALLY ARE and getting to know yourself

Sharing the process in a group helps you to gain more awareness about yourself but also the human experience in general. The experience of truly BEING  on this planet right now. You are not alone with your worries, anxieties, grief, dreams, and wishes.
We give everyone the space to unfold and be heard. By letting everything flow through you without judgment, you will be able to see your true needs and dreams clearly.


You will be able to express your wishes and perceive your path in life.

What results/outcomes to expect:


viewing yourself in a new light opens you up to new perspectives in life/new choices in life

you will attain nurturing and loving relationships and be able to release the once that are not. Together you will grow further.

Your body will shift, and every cell with adapt to the New You. ​

You will follow your true vocation and become a success magnet

you will grow financially by operating with integrity and accountability 


You will truly understand what it means to "Walk Your Talk".  Being in alignment with yourself, you create sustainable peace in your life and the life of others.


You will train

New behaviors

to stay in flow in your day to day life  

Coming from Love 

strengthen your abilities by connecting with your TRUE SELF 


motivate yourself every day, so that you can manifest the life you want.


be authentic and free and follow your life's mission


Walking the path of least resistance whilst making the world your ally. 


Strong-willed and brave

trust your inner guidance, make distinct decisions and act with effectiveness


restore the balance between heart and mind and follow Divine Intelligence

Sich immer des Prinzips der Veränderung bewusst und in der fortwährenden Präsenz des eigenen Schicksals als freies Wesen zu handeln, ist unbezwingbare Stärke“

Helen Adams Keller

a deaf and blind American writer (1880-1968)


Group Online Training

15 January 2022 - 15 July 2022

one session per week

every Wednesday from 6pm - 9 pm

1. Module

"Meet Your Soul"


Understanding how you can and are connected to Source Energy will help you to align with what you truly want to transform, experience and manifest in your Life. 


All participants will be initiated into the power of the Medicine Wheel and how to apply the messages it has for you in daily life. You will dive deep into indigenous knowledge and practices to learn the power of the Universal Laws. You will also learn how to teach others to connect with Spirit.  

During session you will get material to work on. Sessions will be recorded and available for download.   

For participants who are interested in becoming a certified SHAMANIC COACH this first modul is a must. 

Maximum 5 Participants

For more information concerning dates, costs, and conditions for the SHAMANIC COACH TRAINING with CERTIFCATION, please contact me.


This training is a closed online course and only available for participants with a booking. 


  • Maximum 5 participants per group.  

  • Payment by installments is possible after consultation

  • On proven unemployment, a 25 % discount is available.

  • The booking is binding; please make sure you can attend the 4 sessions of a module in sequence. There is no refund for missed sessions.

  • The training takes place via video call on Every participant is invited to the calls and visible via video. 

  • If you prefer, you can choose to only participate via audio. 

  • Each session will be available as video or audio after the session and can be downloaded via 

  • You will receive a link for the training upon payment!

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