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Actress, Modern Shaman, Soul Healer & CoCreationCoach

This is my credo:

The universal law of resonance.

What heals inside heals outside.

My firm belief is that each one who responsibly and consciously brings out the Highest Potential within not only contributes to one's own becoming, but also automatically to the healing of this wonderful planet and all its inhabitants.


We are all witnessing right now a world turning more and more off its hinges. We are realizing how we ourselves have conscious or unconsciously participated in the destruction of our values and most of all of OUR BEAUTIFUL MOTHER EARTH by adjusting, adhering, adapting, succumbing to a deeply imbalanced, inharmonious patriarchal society.


Denying the Feminine, the Transformational Power of the Divine Mother Creation has become so devastating and perilous that we know  - NOW is the time to change something fundamental within ourselves so we can live and help to transmute these imbalances in a new, rapidly changing world that is propelling itself into the Unknown with excelerated speed. 


The collective consciousness of "Higher - Faster - Next" has reached its natural limits. The human mind is forced to redefine itself. We still see denial of this truth, but to the same extent we can also see the yearning for a true and sustainable renaissance.

It takes courage to step into your True Being and walk your path authentically while the world is constantly changing and has no secure ground. We are at the turning point of a development to which we all contributed and still are contributing daily because we are without any real new role models. The truth is, there are no role models left. Everything wants to be redefined and if we are no longer based solely on market economy performance, the question quickly arises as to what do we really orient ourselves to. What is our guidance? 

On which values ​​do we ultimately base our actions?

As WHO do we show up when the push comes to shove?  


I had to redefine myself many times in my life.  Not only as a freelance artist or as an actress in my many roles, but above all as a human being. Very early on I learned that there is no security in the outside or if then only partially and those were sweet short moments of happiness. Something in me however always knew that I better not rely on that or what others tell me. The only thing I relied on was the knowledge that everything can change in the next moment. Nothing is fix. Nothing absolute.


It was hard, believe me, but at the same time, it has given me the ability and power to respond flexibly and creatively to what life had and has in store for me at every moment.


So what is this security? What should one orient oneself to, if values ​​seem to dissolve? How will and can we survive this earthly existence with all relational, religious, economic, or political crisis we experience now, when obviously nothing seems to have any validity anymore?


In my experience there always only was one path -  and I have walked that path basically all my life. The path of acceptance.

My life has shown me time and again that I emerged stronger from every crisis as it enabled me to experience my true potential and discover my true power. Every crisis has brought me closer to myself - to my True North - my True Self.


That's why I define crisis as a

 "spiritual necessity". 

The art is to harness exactly that momentum of necessity for yourself   

When I joined the tribe of Seneca Indians in the early 1990s, I found myself in a deep spiritual crisis. I did not know how to continue on my way. Had lost orientation. Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, the chief of the Seneca tribe took me under her wings. Through her love and wisdom I slowly and surely awakened to who I really deeply was and am. That revelation of Self has been the turning point of my life. 


Grandmother Twylah taught me how to re-align with the power of the Great Spirit - Great Mystery - and all the wisdom that it so abundantly has in store for us. Her teachings about the medicine wheel of peace and how to apply it very practically in daily life continue to expand my understanding of life. Grandmother taught the Shaman in me how to heal my own being and endowed me with the mission to help those who are in need to find their own True North and listen and follow their souls need for healing and awakening. 


If you are reading these lines, you already follow the calling of your soul. I am so happy for you. The way to understand  "your soul" and thus to your true life mission may still seem unclear to you, but if you are ready to raise, understand and transform your own blockages, you are well on the way to becoming one with yourself and to arrive at the unity of thought, feeling and action. It is important to let go of the old, the used and the obstructive in order to be able to authentically and clearly follow your new path, your true destiny and purpose in life. 

It is precisely at this "bridge" from the old to the new world where I am to guide and help you. 

As a transformation coach, medium and healer of the new age, I am able to see your energy body and soul and "expose" the underlying causes of disturbances and blockages. During your development process, I always receive specific information on an energetic, not visible level and can thus help you to name your current "actual image" precisely, judgment-free and solution-oriented. In doing so, the old is deliberately transformed so that you can experience yourself physically, emotionally and mentally in harmony with your new consciousness. 

If you're ready, you will experience a kind of magic in your life because the world will react to your inner glow and your "light" will immediately awaken the highest potential in others. Solutions may appear that previously seemed impossible to you.

Every person is responsible for their own future and also for shaping it anew every day. That's why I can't give you any promises of healing. But I can guarantee that I can help you redefine yourself and invite new happiness into your life!


I ask you to assess for yourself whether you are mentally, physically and psychologically able to engage in processes of change and transformation.


I am happy to cooperate with doctors, hospitals, clinics and science.

       Who wants to impose limits on the intellect and ingenuity of man?

Galileo Galilei (1564 - 1642), Italian mathematician, philosopher and physicist
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