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I, in turn, received the assignment to be there for you and connect

you to the higher realm so that your light energy field enhances into

a higher vibration.

You will receive divine downloads during high-frequency meditations, and I will share simple tools that help you reconnect emotionally and mentally with your spiritual body. Cleanse any disruptive energies and align you with your heart frequency so that your inner guidance system is recharged and helps you navigate through the dark times.


May your light shine brighter than ever before!


Your soul consciously chose to incarnate into this time. Everything you have experienced so far was preparing you for this moment. Your soul hears the invitation and wants to act. Your soul reminds you why you are here, and nudges you to access your true potential, YOUR LIGHT.



COVID-19 has a grip on our world. Daily news feed our fears with  traumatizing stories.  The uncertainty of our future and the existentially threating situation deeply impacts our nervous system and immune system. Social isolation plays its part and heightens the threat. We witness how the system as we knew and lived it is crashing in front of our very eyes and is forcing us into reflection. But how do we reflect? From which perspective do we look at what is going on right now? 


As part of the collective, we are interconnected with the human energy field, which is now collectively emitting trillions of layers of fear. Do you find yourself in fight or flight responds? Fear eats the soul. This statement has to be taken very seriously. How do you cope with your feelings and recurring thoughts?

All those who know that real change can only be done in true alignment with GREAT SPIRIT,  also do know that the TIME TO ACT is now! 


There is one pre-requisite and most necessary task if you want to embody the Higher Frequencies of Love and shine your own Light: you need to understand how men-made paradigms have ruled individual and collective minds, hearts and souls over thousands of years. As a Way Shower and Light Warrior you learn to look fearlessly at all those imprints and how to transform or release those old programmings in our own Energy Field so Your True Potential can come forth and help others.

With radical faith in the generous guidance of a benevolent universe we become open-hearted, creative, courageous and powerful.  Every one of us has an army of spirit guides, waiting to help us through this transformation. They have been waiting to guide us. That is their assignment, and they are filled with joy to be there for us and you. 

Every session will be between 100 to 120 minutes.

The morning session is tailored for spiritual alignment, calming the mind, healing energy from the 5th dimension, gaining a higher vibration, setting intentions for the day or week, and manifest them, so that you can be the Light for others and yourself.


The evening sessions serve foremost for the multidimensional healing and cleansing of all disruptive energies that might have accumulated over the day, mentally, emotionally, and physically. We will strengthen your nervous system and your immune system for a restful sleep. We set heartfelt intentions for the next day and connect to our spirit guides.



you can choose if you want to train

1 x Session per week -  

1 morning or evening session per week - 4 Sessions per month

monthly package € 450-


2 x Sessions per week -  

2 morning or evening sessions per week - 8 Sessions per month

monthly package € 875.-


This training is a private online course only accessible for participants that placed a booking.


  • max. 10 participants

  • payment in installments possible after an agreement

  • after booking your package, please make sure you attend all 4 sessions. There will be no refund for a missed session. But I will provide the opportunity to join the evening session on that given day if you missed your morning session. 

  • The training will take place online via All participants will be visible via video.

  • you can also attend by choosing "only audio"

    • All sessions will be recorded and can be downloaded as audio or video after the training. So you have the chance to review and train on your own at home.

  • upon payment, you receive the zoom link.! 


Gabrielle's coaching is profound, touching, magical!!


At the beginning of the corona crisis, I thought the end of the world was upon us.

But in the group sessions I experienced support and new life energy. 

Every little fear expressed in the group, 

  was created through GAB's awareness work

and dissolved the truly transformative shamanic meditations.

GAB draws attention to the bright and beautiful and

  teaches techniques on how to stop feeding the debilitating fears.

Her big heart can be felt at every moment of the coaching.   

Her wisdom, her compassion, her joie de vivre touch me deeply.

After this crisis, I will not remember the fear or the drama.

but our human connection, the gratitude for the great people in the group

and the strong TOGETHER,that I felt at this stage.


I love you GAB! You are a wonderful soul.


Patrick S. | Actor   Vienna


Transfer money to: 

Berliner Sparkasse | DE 83 100 500 00 601 2558013 |BELADEBEXXX

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