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There's nothing more beautiful!  

Those moments in life when everything is in flux,  

far and wide there are no big obstacles and everything you imagine or want,

comes into being as if by magic. Easy and effortless.

As if "someone" had spoken a magic word and everything is allowed to appear suddenly.   

If you for Unity of body, soul and spiritworry, 

that's exactly what can happen.

Then you will experience the beauty of the universal law of resonance.

The world becomes a mirror of you.  

  The Balance within you creates peace and balance on the outside. 



Die wöchentlich stattfindenden Online Kurse schaffen Dir die Möglichkeit ganz einfach von Zuhause aus mit mir zu arbeiten.

IIn the trusting atmosphere of a small group, you train how to stay in harmony with yourself in everyday life,

to shape changes in the areas of life that are particularly important to you. 

The willingness to shed old roles and take on new perspectives is shared by all participants in the group. 

Since change seldom  happens overnight (exceptions are always possible!), we offer you continuity des training in a joint group process_ bb3b-136bad5cf58d_maximum support in bringing the new into your life.  


If you follow your true nature more and more, new tasks will come your way. Fulfilling these with enthusiasm and at the same time realizing big (as well as small) goals is particularly successful when it is done in harmony with the true purpose of life.

The online courses help you to strengthen your courage, get to know your soul better and live your true potential in harmony with your life purpose. 


Embark on a journey of discovery into your "SACRED SPACE" with Gabrielle 

In a small group of people willing to change, Gabrielle accompanies you into the magic and protection your very personal light energy field, into your "sacred space". Everything that is in you schlummert darf be expressed freely and without judgment. Mit der Spielfreude eines Kindes trittst Du in die Schatzkammer Deines verborgenen Selbst und befreist den Schatz, der in Dir ruht and wants nothing else than to finally start life free from condemnation.

Freu Dich auf erfüllte, freudvolle und herzöffnende Tage auf Deiner Reise in Deinen Sacred Space, zu und mit Dir_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_SELF.

Alles ist Energie, und dazu ist nicht mehr zu sagen. Wenn du dich einschwingst in die Frequenz der Wirklichkeit that you are striving for, then you cannot prevent sich from manifesting. It cannot be otherwise. That's not philosophy.

This is physics.    


Albert Einstein


Everything has its own time.


The power coaching takes place in individual sessions with me either on site or online. Wir richten uns dabei ganz nach Deinen Bedürfnissen, sowohl was Deine Zeit als auch Deine Erkenntnisprozesse angeht.

Together we lift disabling tendencies that subconsciously affect your private, professional or business life 136bad5cf58d_

Ich helfe Dir, mit hochwirksamen Techniken aus Schamanismus und Neurowissenschaft neue Verhaltensmuster zu develop and train in order to bring about amazing transformations in all your relationship levels.

Ich begleite Dich bei der Stabilisierung Deiner Veränderungsprozesse auf mentaler, seelischer und energetischer Ebene.


shaman,mental andTransformation Coach.

My teachings are based on 4 pillars of spiritual and universal principles:







Just as each person is unique, so are each individual's transitions. 

Everyone is their own universe.

You are your own world. 

As a shaman, I dive into your universe and see the areas that you cannot see or consciously perceive. With the techniques of the Senecas I lift and free these unconscious energies. 


As a transformation coach, I will help you to deeply understand the trinity of body-soul-spirit

to experience "on your own body", so that you shape your life with a new SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS, upright and clear. Disabling behavioral patterns are released again and again on an energetic level and transformed


As a mental coach  I give you  mental tools that support your  change processes to the maximum.


For you, love, trust, integrity and humor will become the new parameters for a fulfilled life from your true self.


   This seminar with you is such a wonderful experience,

because the last few months actually only with the feeling

of depression and a certain paralysis have passed.  

To feel that there is still a lot of powerinside me

which is now slowly rising again is  immensely liberating and calming.  

  With every new day I learn something about myself. The hours today with you

and the others brought me a step further. 

Thanks again for that.

Michaela C., Munich

This channel is coming soon!

You want to change your life and you don't know HOW?

I'll help you on the way! 

My present for you: 


strategy session

30 Minutes free consultation Online 

In this half hour we focus on Your current topics and change requests and we find out if I am the right companion for you at this point in your life.  

Do you have any questions or special requests? Text me. I'm looking forward to your message.
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