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In this training you will learn the meaning, power and strength of the medicine wheel and its practical application. With the "VIEW OF THE EAGLE" we first look at your current situation.

Do you value yourself at this point in your life? Do you praise yourself? Or do you secretly and constantly criticize yourself? In truth, do you actually feel more insecure than you would like? Which way do you want to go? The way of fear or the way of love?

This training is the cornerstone of the training to become a "Transformation Coach"


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  • 1. Module "Get to know your soul"

    This first module is about your basic willingness to come into full and true appreciation of yourself. During this process, deep-seated, disabling aspects will emerge on a mental, emotional and emotional level. These are illuminated, constructively and constructively analyzed and continuously integrated or transformed in the development process.

    Thursday, 7-10pm

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